Effingham and Leatherhead R.F.C. are looking for a new Club Secretary.

Below is a role profile so you can see what's involved.

The first thing I'd say is that it is not as time consuming or difficult as it might sound! The Secretary manages the external relationships we have with the RFU and Surrey and also manages some of our internal processes such as the AGM. It's a great way to get involved with running the club and supporting the Management Board and members and Keith has promised a full induction for the successful candidate! So please come forward and volunteer!

If you'd like to find out more please Contact David Armstrong and we can arrange to chat.

Honorary Secretary Job Description:

The Hon Secretary is responsible to the Club Chairman, the Management Board, and ultimately to all Members of Effingham and Leatherhead R.F.C.

The Hon. Secretary has responsibility for the management and administration of the Club and acts as the point of reference for external agencies, in conjunction with other officers.

Job Responsibilities:


  • Be responsible for the Club’s constitution
  • Organise and set the agenda for the Annual General Meeting
  • Record and draft the minutes of the Annual General Meeting
  • Organise and set the agenda for the Management Board
  • Record and draft the minutes of the Management Board

Internal Administration:

  • Be responsible for the management and administration within the Club
  • Disseminate information throughout the Club
  • Deal with correspondence
  • Be the point of contact for the Club internally and externally
  • Receive reports from
    • Management Committee
    • Membership Secretary
    • Safeguarding Officer
    • Health & Safety Officer
    • Volunteer Manager
    • I.T. Manager
    • Forward Planning Sub Committee
  • Ensure that appropriate insurance has been obtained for the Club
  • Draft or ensure that Policies appropriate to the Club are drafted, implemented and reviewed annually
  • Draft or ensure that Codes of Practice appropriate to the Club are drafted, implemented and reviewed annually

External Administration:

  • Provide information for R.F.U. and Surrey R.F.U. as and when requested.
  • Attend meetings or arrange representation at meetings organised by the R.F.U. and Surrey R.F.U.

Time required:

  • Attending Management Board meetings say 3 hours per month
  • Drafting minutes of Management Board meetings say 1 hour per month
  • Attending AGM 2 hours per year
  • Drafting minutes of the AGM 1 hour per year
  • General administration 1-2 hours per week
  • Dealing with various projects 3 hours per quarter

Other Duties:

In common with other Management Board Members the Hon Sec may take on further roles – currently Disciplinary Officer and administrator for the RFU Grand Draw.