Festival Status – 17h00 SAT 17th MAR:


It is with great regret that we have had to take the decision to cancel tomorrow’s festival. The conditions are not suitable for all for safe and careful play.


Weather Outlook for Sunday:
With a sustained wind speed of 17 mph and gusts of up to 31 mph, this will create an effective wind chill of -8 degrees throughout the morning, dropping to -7 degrees in the afternoon.

On the basis of this forecast we have performed a cold weather risk assessment and concluded we cannot mitigate against the identified risks.
Number one was player welfare and safety followed by travel and site safety.


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From U6’s through to the U11’s, the Minis Festival is a fun, safe and enjoyable way to play Rugby

Bring the Whole Family

The Eagles are affiliated to the RFU, Surrey County RFU and the London Society of Referees.

Minis Festival 18/03

Welcome to the Minis Festival – 18/03/18

Effingham & Leatherhead RFC are hosting their annual Minis Rugby Festival on the 18th March 2018. This year there are 9 clubs participating with over 100 teams involved across the age groups from U7 to U11.

In addition, we are expanding and improving the Festival Hub, giving sponsors and attendees more interest and opportunity to engage. The food and catering is being boosted with involvement of professional catering leads; entertainment will be provided for the kids and non-players alike, and we are increasing our community engagement through the presence of local Scouting troops who will be there to assist.


Advertise in the 2018 Minis Festival Programme

If you would like to promote your business this spring, then support the 2018 Minis Festival at the same time. Advertising rates and contacts can be found via the link below along with more information about this years Minis Festival.

REDCobhamHoward of Effingham SchoolKT24 5JR
REDWarlinghamHoward of Effingham SchoolKT24 5JR
LIGHT BLUEGuildfordiansEffingham Station Car Park (Shuttle Bus)KT24 5HX
ORANGE - PrimaryCamberleySt Lawrence Primary SchoolKT24 5JP
GREEN - OverflowCamberleyThe Royal British Legion - Effingham & Bookham, Lower Road, KT24 5
DARK BLUESutton & Epsom1st Effingham Scout HutKT24 5NP
DARK BLUEDorking1st Effingham Scout HutKT24 5NP
DARK BLUEELRFC1st Effingham Scout HutKT24 5NP
YELLOWChipsteadManor House SchoolKT23 4EN
CYANOld CranleighansColets Piling Car ParkKT24 5JS

Along with Effingham and Leatherhead RFC the confirmed teams are as follows:-


Age group Tasks listed below

  • Rota for the sweets/drinks/coffee stand (outside hall within picket fence) (2/3 per shift)
  • Rota for Bouncy Castle – Possibly Bucking Bronco (2 per shift?)
U8 – FOOD/BEVERAGES (Dax Hinchliffe)

  • Rota for food tent (numbers to be agreed with Lee Bradshaw)
U9 – FACILITIES (Mark Skidmore)

  • Rota for Loos – check Loos (porta & club house) – every 30 min ensure toilet paper and working
  • Rota for Bins – replace full bins (check every 30 min)
U10 – Co-ordination, SET-UP & TAKE-DOWN (Patrick)

  • Cover Bar Floor (Friday evening)
  • Assist Tent Setup, Flags, signage – morning
  • Assist Tent take down and clear up – afternoon
U11 – TRAFFIC/PARKING (Andrew Hamilton)

  • Stewards to assists Scouts at each of the parking sites
  • Traffic marshals
  • Shuttle bus coordinator – ensure buses running/no blockage at drop off.
Age Group Match Co-ordination: Contact your age group representative above

In addition to group task above each age group will need volunteers to coordinate their age group games:

  • Pitch Marshals/Match coordinators – ensure teams are ready to start and refs are available
  • Control Tents – welcome visiting teams and hand out match schedule
  • Medal Presentations – make sure teams go to collect medals at end of last match


Match Fixtures are list below for each age group. *Please note these can be subject to last minute changes.
StartPitchTeam1VsTeam 2Pool
10:001ELRFC 2VCobham RFC 6Green
10:002Guildfordians RFC 3VCobham RFC 3Orange
10:003Chipstead RFC 2VDorking RFC 3Orange
10:004Chipstead RFC 1VGuildfordians RFC 1Blue
10:005Old Cranleighans 2VGuildfordians RFC 4White
10:151Cobham RFC 6VGuildfordians RFC 2Green
10:152Dorking RFC 1VELRFC 1Blue
10:153ELRFC 4VCobham RFC 4Red
10:154Cobham RFC 7VOld Cranleighans 1Red
10:155Dorking RFC 5VCobham RFC 8White
10:301Cobham RFC 3VELRFC 3Orange
10:302Cobham RFC 1VGuildfordians RFC 1Blue
10:303Cobham RFC 2VDorking RFC 2Green
10:304Cobham RFC 4VDorking RFC 4Red
10:305Cobham RFC 5VDorking RFC 5White
10:451Cobham RFC 3VDorking RFC 3Orange
10:452ELRFC 3VGuildfordians RFC 3Orange
10:453Cobham RFC 1VDorking RFC 1Blue
10:454Cobham RFC 6VDorking RFC 2Green
10:455Cobham RFC 8VCobham RFC 5White
11:001Dorking RFC 4VELRFC 4Red
11:002Guildfordians RFC 2VELRFC 2Green
11:003Guildfordians RFC 1VELRFC 1Blue
11:004Cobham RFC 4VOld Cranleighans 1Red
11:005Cobham RFC 8VOld Cranleighans 2White
11:151Chipstead RFC 1VCobham RFC 1Blue
11:152Cobham RFC 2VCobham RFC 6Green
11:153ELRFC 3VChipstead RFC 2Orange
11:154Dorking RFC 4VCobham RFC 7Red
11:155Dorking RFC 5VGuildfordians RFC 4White
11:301Chipstead RFC 1VDorking RFC 1Blue
11:302ELRFC 2VCobham RFC 2Green
11:303Dorking RFC 2VGuildfordians RFC 2Green
11:304Dorking RFC 3VGuildfordians RFC 3Orange
11:305Cobham RFC 5VOld Cranleighans 2White
11:451Guildfordians RFC 3VChipstead RFC 2Orange
11:452Old Cranleighans 1VDorking RFC 4Red
11:453Cobham RFC 1VELRFC 1Blue
11:454ELRFC 4VCobham RFC 7Red
11:455Guildfordians RFC 4VCobham RFC 8White
12:001Guildfordians RFC 2VCobham RFC 2Green
12:002Dorking RFC 3VELRFC 3Orange
12:003Chipstead RFC 2VCobham RFC 3Orange
12:004Cobham RFC 7VCobham RFC 4Red
12:005Guildfordians RFC 4VCobham RFC 5White
12:151Old Cranleighans 1VELRFC 4Red
12:152Dorking RFC 2VELRFC 2Green
12:153Chipstead RFC 1VELRFC 1Blue
12:154Dorking RFC 1VGuildfordians RFC 1Blue
12:155Old Cranleighans 2VDorking RFC 5White
StartPitchTeam1VsTeam 2Pool
10:001ELRFC 2VCobham RFC 1Green
10:002Guildfordians RFC 2VCobham RFC 2Orange
10:003Camberly RFC 3VDorking RFC 3Orange
10:004Chipstead RFC 2VGuildfordians RFC 1Blue
10:201Cobham RFC 1VSutton & Epsom 1Green
10:202Dorking RFC 1VELRFC 1Blue
10:203Guildfordians RFC 3VChipstead RFC 1Red
10:204Cobham RFC 3VSutton & Epsom 2Red
10:401Cobham RFC 2VELRFC 3Orange
10:402Camberly RFC 1VGuildfordians RFC 1Blue
10:403Camberly RFC 2VDorking RFC 2Green
10:404Chipstead RFC 1VELRFC 4Red
11:001Cobham RFC 2VDorking RFC 3Orange
11:002ELRFC 3VGuildfordians RFC 2Orange
11:003Camberly RFC 1VDorking RFC 1Blue
11:004Cobham RFC 1VDorking RFC 2Green
11:201ELRFC 4VGuildfordians RFC 3Red
11:202Sutton & Epsom 1VELRFC 2Green
11:203Guildfordians RFC 1VELRFC 1Blue
11:204Chipstead RFC 1VSutton & Epsom 2Red
11:401Chipstead RFC 2VCamberly RFC 1Blue
11:402Camberly RFC 2VCobham RFC 1Green
11:403ELRFC 3VCamberly RFC 3Orange
11:404ELRFC 4VCobham RFC 3Red
12:001Chipstead RFC 2VDorking RFC 1Blue
12:002ELRFC 2VCamberly RFC 2Green
12:003Dorking RFC 2VSutton & Epsom 1Green
12:004Dorking RFC 3VGuildfordians RFC 2Orange
12:201Guildfordians RFC 2VCamberly RFC 3Orange
12:202Sutton & Epsom 2VELRFC 4Red
12:203Camberly RFC 1VELRFC 1Blue
12:204Guildfordians RFC 3VCobham RFC 3Red
12:401Sutton & Epsom 1VCamberly RFC 2Green
12:402Dorking RFC 3VELRFC 3Orange
12:403Camberly RFC 3VCobham RFC 2Orange
12:404Cobham RFC 3VChipstead RFC 1Red
13:001Sutton & Epsom 2VGuildfordians RFC 3Red
13:002Dorking RFC 2VELRFC 2Green
13:003Chipstead RFC 2VELRFC 1Blue
13:004Dorking RFC 1VGuildfordians RFC 1Blue
StartPitchTeam1VsTeam 2Pool
10:001Guildfordians RFC 2VCobham RFC 2Mixed
10:002ELRFC 2VCobham RFC 3Mixed
10:003Old Cranleighans 2VDorking RFC 3Mixed
10:004Cobham RFC 1VELRFC 1Mixed
10:201Cobham RFC 2VOld Cranleighans 1Mixed
10:202Dorking RFC 1VGuildfordians RFC 1Mixed
10:204Cobham RFC 4VSutton & Epsom 1Mixed
10:401Cobham RFC 3VGuildfordians RFC 3Mixed
10:402Camberly RFC 1VELRFC 1Mixed
10:403Camberly RFC 2VDorking RFC 2Mixed
10:404Chipstead RFC 1VELRFC 2Mixed
11:001Cobham RFC 3VDorking RFC 3Mixed
11:003Camberly RFC 1VDorking RFC 1Mixed
11:004Cobham RFC 2VDorking RFC 2Mixed
11:201Dorking RFC 3VCobham RFC 4Mixed
11:202Old Cranleighans 1VGuildfordians RFC 2Mixed
11:203ELRFC 1VGuildfordians RFC 1Mixed
11:204Guildfordians RFC 3VOld Cranleighans 2Mixed
11:401Cobham RFC 1VCamberly RFC 1Mixed
11:402Camberly RFC 2VCobham RFC 2Mixed
11:403Guildfordians RFC 3VSutton & Epsom 1Mixed
11:404Guildfordians RFC 1VChipstead RFC 1Mixed
12:002Guildfordians RFC 2VCamberly RFC 2Mixed
12:003Dorking RFC 2VOld Cranleighans 1Mixed
12:004Dorking RFC 3VChipstead RFC 1Mixed
12:201ELRFC 2VCamberly RFC 1Mixed
12:202Sutton & Epsom 1VCobham RFC 3Mixed
12:204Old Cranleighans 2VCobham RFC 4Mixed
12:401Old Cranleighans 1VCamberly RFC 2Mixed
12:402Guildfordians RFC 3VELRFC 2Mixed
12:403Cobham RFC 1VDorking RFC 1Mixed
12:404Cobham RFC 4VChipstead RFC 1Mixed
13:001Sutton & Epsom 1VOld Cranleighans 2Mixed
13:002Dorking RFC 2VGuildfordians RFC 2Mixed
13:003Cobham RFC 1VGuildfordians RFC 1Mixed
13:004Dorking RFC 1VELRFC 1Mixed
StartPitchTeam1VsTeam 2Pool
10:001ELRFC Exp1VChipstead RFC Exp2Green
10:002Guildfordians RFC Exp1VCobham RFC Exp1Orange
10:003Camberly RFC Exp2VDorking RFC Exp2Orange
10:004Cobham RFC Dev1VSutton & Epsom Dev1Blue
10:201Chipstead RFC Exp2VWarlingham RFC Exp1Green
10:202ELRFC Dev1VGuildfordians RFC Dev1Blue
10:203Sutton & Epsom Exp1VChipstead RFC Exp1Red
10:204Cobham RFC Exp2VWarlingham RFC Exp2Red
10:401Cobham RFC Exp1VELRFC Exp2Orange
10:402Camberly RFC Dev1VSutton & Epsom Dev1Blue
10:403Camberly RFC Exp1VDorking RFC Exp1Green
10:404Chipstead RFC Exp1VDorking RFC Exp3Red
11:001Cobham RFC Exp1VDorking RFC Exp2Orange
11:002ELRFC Exp2VGuildfordians RFC Exp1Orange
11:003Camberly RFC Dev1VELRFC Dev1Blue
11:004Chipstead RFC Exp2VDorking RFC Exp1Green
11:201Dorking RFC Exp3VSutton & Epsom Exp1Red
11:202Warlingham RFC Exp1VELRFC Exp1Green
11:203Sutton & Epsom Dev1VGuildfordians RFC Dev1Blue
11:204Chipstead RFC Exp1VWarlingham RFC Exp2Red
11:401Cobham RFC Dev1VCamberly RFC Dev1Blue
11:402Camberly RFC Exp1VChipstead RFC Exp2Green
11:403ELRFC Exp2VCamberly RFC Exp2Orange
11:404Dorking RFC Exp3VCobham RFC Exp2Red
12:001Cobham RFC Dev1VELRFC Dev1Blue
12:002ELRFC Exp1VCamberly RFC Exp1Green
12:003Dorking RFC Exp1VWarlingham RFC Exp1Green
12:004Dorking RFC Exp2VGuildfordians RFC Exp1Orange
12:201Guildfordians RFC Exp1VCamberly RFC Exp2Orange
12:202Warlingham RFC Exp2VDorking RFC Exp3Red
12:203Camberly RFC Dev1VGuildfordians RFC Dev1Blue
12:204Sutton & Epsom Exp1VCobham RFC Exp2Red
12:401Warlingham RFC Exp1VCamberly RFC Exp1Green
12:402Dorking RFC Exp2VELRFC Exp2Orange
12:403Camberly RFC Exp2VCobham RFC Exp1Orange
12:404Cobham RFC Exp2VChipstead RFC Exp1Red
13:001Warlingham RFC Exp2VSutton & Epsom Exp1Red
13:002Dorking RFC Exp1VELRFC Exp1Green
13:003Cobham RFC Dev1VGuildfordians RFC Dev1Blue
13:004ELRFC Dev1VSutton & Epsom Dev1Blue
StartPitchTeam1VsTeam 2Pool
10:001ELRFC Exp1VCobham RFC Exp1Green
10:002Warlingham RFC Exp2VCobham RFC Exp2Orange
10:003Dorking RFC Dev1VSutton & Epsom Dev1Blue
10:201Cobham RFC Exp1VWarlingham RFC Exp1Green
10:202ELRFC Dev1VGuildfordians RFC Dev1Blue
10:203Chipstead RFC Exp1VGuildfordians RFC Exp1Orange
10:401Cobham RFC Exp2VSutton & Epsom Exp1Orange
10:402Camberly RFC Dev1VSutton & Epsom Dev1Blue
10:403Camberly RFC Exp1VDorking RFC Exp1Green
11:001Cobham RFC Exp2VGuildfordians RFC Exp1Orange
11:002Cobham RFC Exp1VDorking RFC Exp1Green
11:003Camberly RFC Dev1VELRFC Dev1Blue
11:201Sutton & Epsom Exp1VWarlingham RFC Exp2Orange
11:202Warlingham RFC Exp1VELRFC Exp1Green
11:203Sutton & Epsom Dev1VGuildfordians RFC Dev1Blue
11:401Dorking RFC Dev1VCamberly RFC Dev1Blue
11:402Camberly RFC Exp1VCobham RFC Exp1Green
11:403Sutton & Epsom Exp1VChipstead RFC Exp1Orange
12:001Dorking RFC Dev1VELRFC Dev1Blue
12:002Dorking RFC Exp1VWarlingham RFC Exp1Green
12:003Guildfordians RFC Exp1VWarlingham RFC Exp2Orange
12:201Warlingham RFC Exp2VChipstead RFC Exp1Orange
12:202ELRFC Exp1VCamberly RFC Exp1Green
12:203Camberly RFC Dev1VGuildfordians RFC Dev1Blue
12:401Warlingham RFC Exp1VCamberly RFC Exp1Green
12:402Guildfordians RFC Exp1VSutton & Epsom Exp1Orange
12:403ELRFC Dev1VSutton & Epsom Dev1Blue
13:001Chipstead RFC Exp1VCobham RFC Exp2Orange
13:002Dorking RFC Exp1VELRFC Exp1Green
13:003Dorking RFC Dev1VGuildfordians RFC Dev1Blue
Following our success sourcing our food from local suppliers we have teamed up with BigBarn and their Local Food Map

BigBarn has been trading for 17 years with a mission to reconnect people with their local producers.

Simply type in your post code to buy direct from local producers and retailers. Get fresher, better and often cheaper food than the supermarket and encourge farmers to grow more food.

As a follower of the ELRFC Minis you can get a discount on this page bigbarn.co.uk/discounts/ using Discount code ELRFC (please note discounts vary)

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