ELRFC we will hand out tickets on Saturday at 11:00 at the Lions Gate, West Car Park, Twickenham Stadium for those who have not yet received their BIG GAME 10 TICKETS

BIG GAME 10 Programme of Events

Download the BIG GAME 10 Programme of Events information provided by Harlequins

As at 22-12-17

We are all looking forward to the BG10 on 30 December and hoping to see as many as possible on the day. This is a summary of key times and events to help make the day go smoothly.

We want everyone to enjoy and remember the day; unfortunately, the schedule does not allow much spare time for visiting the shops, getting photos and looking around. Please pay attention to the instructions given by the YGMs who will be responsible for the directing of players. If times are missed, the schedule will not wait.


If you have not yet received your BIG GAME 10 Tickets, please check this page over the coming week. We will update this post with further information regarding the collection of your BIG GAME 10 Tickets.


Players will need full club kit to play – bring clean boots and trainers, club shirt, club socks, club training smock (if owned), club raincoat. Players not wearing club shirts will not be allowed on the pitch.

Coaches will need a club shirt and training smock.

Bring a drink, snack and changes of clothes and shoes – when the games are over, players will want to get warm and comfortable to enjoy the rest of the day.


Whether travelling solo or on the charabancs, there are 500+ club members travelling to the day – it is likely you will see someone you know so please help those who look lost!

Carparking through RFU and Quins is full; public carparks may be available and websites will give options and information.

The stadium is sold-out; buses and trains will be full. Be warned.


Please arrive at the pickup at least 10 mins prior *coaches will not wait for stragglers*


09:45 Effingham KGV Bus 1 & 2
09:30 Ashtead (Coach will pick up in Barnet Wood Lane, bus stop opposite Ashtead Ponds) Bus 1
09:40 Leatherhead (Coach will pick up at Leatherhead Station) Bus 1
09:45 Bookham Rail Station Bus 3
09:45 Effingham Rail station Bus 4

Coaches will park at Rosebine carpark and will remain there all day – players will need to make their way to Twickenham for the meeting time 11:30.
*Each bus takes 50 people – be aware car parking at the departure points may be limited*


One year group coach per year is allowed on the pitch; the coach will ensure players will be rotated on and off the pitch to give everyone game-time. Please make sure your YGM knows you are going and has included you in the play-list; we do not want disappointed players.


11:30 Clubs to meet is designated location for pre-match games  **ELRFC MEETING AT LIONS GATE, WEST CAR PARK**
12:15 – 13:30 Selected clubs to play matches on Twickenham Stadium pitch  **ELRFC u7-12s playing** **10 minute walk from HQ to The Stoop**
13:15 Player Q&A in Members Bar – The Stoop
14:00 Walkover from Stoop to Twickenham Stadium for players **10 minute walk from The Stoop to HQ**
15:50 Harlequin Amateurs to take field for Guard of Honour
16:00 Kick-off
16:40 Half-time – selected clubs to play on pitch **ELRFC not involved in this** (watch this space for 2018)
17:35 Full time

PHOTOGRAPHS; “There will be an opportunity for your team to have a photo taken by our professional photographers on the Twickenham pitch, under the posts. Please see below for your designated time.

As our professional photographers will be taking team photos under the posts and also action shots whilst playing, we ask parents not to wander around the bowl trying to get photos. We have strictly been asked by Twickenham Stadium to stay in our allocated blocks. We will email photos to all four clubs.

The photo will take place under the posts in the South Stand in front of where you will be sat.”

12:50   U7
13:00   U8
13:10   U9
12:20   U10
12:25   U11
12:30   U12

Time Event
11:30 Clubs playing on pitch to meet Harlequins representatives at designated area
11:35 Clubs to be taken inside stadium and allocated area to sit to get ready for games
12:00 Team for first set of matches line up ready to enter pitch
12:15 First set of matches kick off
12:40 First set of matches end
12:40 Team for second set of match line up ready to enter pitch
12:45 Second set of matches kick off
13:30 Second set of matches end
13:35 All clubs to leave Twickenham Stadium bowl


18:00 Return to coaches in Rosebine carpark (15 minute walk from HQ)

18:30 Coaches’ departure from Rosebine carpark

*Coaches will only drop off at the pick-up points and will not be diverting to alternative addresses*


Players on the pitch are the responsibility of the YGMs; off the pitch, they are the responsibility of their guardians and parents – please be diligent and attentive. Please work together as a club. Any questions, please contact your YGM.


“The Harlequins Foundation are giving your child the once in a life time opportunity to be a mascot at Big Game 10 on Saturday 30thDecember. The lucky winners run out with a Harlequins player on to the Twickenham Stadium pitch in front of 82,000 cheering supporters at the start of Big Game 10 in their very own limited edition Big Game 10 shirt.

How to enter:

The Foundation team will be selling raffle tickets during the pre-match games from 12:15–13:00 at Twickenham Stadium only. We will be selling a ticket for £2 or a strip of 5 tickets for £5, please remember to bring cash.

The draw will take place in the Members Bar at 13:15 during the player Q&A. If you’re not there to claim the prize in the Members Bar, we will contact you on your mobile and you will have until 2pm on the day to accept. If you do not accept by 2pm we will draw again. There are 2 mascot places available.

This is an exclusive opportunity for clubs that are taking part in the Community pre-match games at Twickenham Stadium only.

For more information about the Harlequins Foundation please visit www.harlequins.foundation.”